Top 8 Best Gadgets of 2016

Best Gadgets of 2016

We are constantly searching for new gadgets every year, whether it’s for everyday use or just for the sake of entertainment. We constantly look for new cool stuff to add to our wishlist and be our shiny new toy. Below are some of the best gadgets the year 2016 has to offer.

Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway’s Personal Robot through its Real Sense Technology powered by an Intel Atom processor, can detect the environment in real-time and allows computers to react to it. The robot is also modular, so any gadget can be attached to it. It is essentially a low-powered mobile device, which you can even ask to carry heavy groceries or become a means of transportation if you get tired of walking. It can also map and navigate around obstacles, even in total darkness. The robot can even remember paths along the way and retain them to navigate around for later.

Samsung Modular TV

It is not the standard television screen with annoying black bars. The Samsung Modular TV is made up of a number of screens that can be put together to create a single big screen, or however, you want it to fit in a 16:9 HD aspect ratio. The panels are literally seamless, with the absence of edges, to create a smooth and flawless viewing experience.

DietSensor Scio Food Scanner

The DietSensor’s Food Scanner helps you to manage your diet and choose the right kinds of food without getting off track. The gadget shows the chemical make-up of the food it scans and reveals its nutritional value.

Although this gadget was specifically created for diabetics and people with cardiovascular diseases to help them manage their diets, it can also come in handy for dieters. SCio, which is a Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor can analyze substances based on how their molecules interact with light.

Livestream Movi

This gadget is a 4K live streaming camera for people who wants better, reliable, and more professional cameras than their camera phones. It’s very small, measuring just about 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. The lens has a 150-degree view and batteries can last for an hour. The camera, though it may not be as impressive with imagery, can let you crop in on the shot during editing. For example, you can crop on the shoulders and after that return to a wider shot, all with one camera.

Ehang Passenger Drone

The Ehang 184 AAV (Aerial Autonomous Vehicle) Passenger Drone, unlike all the other drones in the market today, can carry a single human passenger. It can autonomously fly from one location to another, which does not require a pilot’s license to do so.

The passenger simply gets in, powers it up, and selects a destination on its 12-inch touchscreen tablet display, press the TAKE OFF button, and it’s off. It has an automated flight system that will manage flight communications with air traffic control and other aircraft, avoid obstacles, and course navigation on its own.

Garmin Varia Vision

The Garmin Varia Vision is a cyclist’s best friend on the road. It attaches to any type of sunglasses. As soon as it is paired up with a bike computer, the gadget can show cyclists their heart rate, power, speed, time, distance, and more. It can even signal cyclists on approaching cars on the road when paired with the Radar rear sensor. It can also show turn-by-turn directions, incoming call, and text information from a paired smartphone. The batteries can last up to 8 hours and have a touch panel that is sensitive to gloves and even rain.

Parrot Disco Drone

The Parrot Disco Drone is the first consumer-grade fixed-wing drone, that looks similar to what the US military uses. It comes with a camera that is perfect for shooting Full HD 1080p footage. Though the footages taken from the drone can not rival that of a high-end DJI drone, it still suits those consumers with a budget.


The Oombrella is a connected umbrella that possesses environmental sensors that can give updates and notifications to a smartphone. It is built with Kevlar ribs to withstand strong winds and heavy rains without damage.

The handle is made of injected plastic, which ensures the sensor capsule to stay dry. The sensor capsule measures temperature, pressure, humidity, and light. The capsule uses Bluetooth to transmit this information to the Oombrella mobile app.

These gadgets have been created for the purpose of making our lives easier and more entertaining. They are smarter, more useful, more connected, more reliable, and way cooler than last year’s. Hopefully, once these are out in the market, they would be inexpensive, so that the majority of the consumers can enjoy it as well.