Top 8 Best Music Apps

Top 8 Best Music Apps
Top 8 Best Music Apps

Not everyone may love music, but almost everyone has had a connection with it one time or another. It just so happens that in this technological era, much thought and appreciation has been given to different genres of this century. And so, all these different music apps pop out, so that we can better listen and appreciate them. Below are the some of the best music services and apps today.

YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app allows you to listen to an endless list of music genres that dates back from decades ago, if you’re into classics, they have it. The best thing about YouTube is that everything is free. You can also use it for free in ad supported mode.

YouTube Music is ingenious and it will be even more impressive when you pay for a YouTube Red subscription. YouTube offers more features, which gives you the optimum music experience.


TIDAL offers high-fidelity sound quality over all your gadgets. You can enjoy listening to music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other devices. It gives its users pure and clean music, the kind which every artist wants its fans to hear. You can also view over 130,000 music videos with clarity, and without the annoying advertisements. It also has an offline mode wherein you can download your favorite albums and tracks and play them without an internet connection. As long as you use the offline mode, you can jam anywhere, anytime.


Spotify is a digital music app, which means you can sync your desktop music. You can also follow different artists. Spotify allows you to create a radio station, much like some music apps, and it will play songs based on your current preference.

It shows new songs and some favorite artists as soon as you search for the Top List and New Releases categories. Spotify always wants you to be in the know, because it keeps you updated whenever there are new releases or albums, through push notifications.


Pandora is a music streaming app that lets you listen to your favorite artists as soon as you enter their names. It allows you to make your personal ratings and even bookmark the best ones that you would want to listen to again. Pandora is best used with a Wi-Fi connection. There would be less buffering of songs when you have one.


The Rhapsody app is an online music streaming service, that gives you the latest and trendiest music, from a collection of more than 32 million songs. You can listen to great music wherever you may be. There’s a catch to his app though, you only have 25 free streams per month. Still, it’s great because you can share these tunes on IM, email, or with just about anyone. For $13 a month, you can now listen to Rhapsody’s music library consisting of different genres.


SoundClound is a social audio distribution platform, where one can create their own sound and share them to the world. You can record and upload music and have the choice to share them with friends privately. If you want, it can be shown to different social media sites, too. And while you distribute, you can also take advantage of their streaming services. This is where you’ll hear songs before they hit mainstream media.

Even some of the most popular artists of today use SoundCloud. For a free account, you get 120 minutes of uploaded audio, compared to more upload hours you get for a Pro or a Pro Unlimited Subscription.


Shazam is a mobile app that remembers music, TV and other types of media. So, how do you use it? Just dial 2580 on your mobile, let the phone hear the music, and Shazam would know. An SMS is sent directly on your phone, with the information you needed to know such as the title and artist of the song. It also allows TV recognition, that gives you more information about what’s currently on your screen. It works by recognizing a pattern or digital fingerprint from the music and match it with the millions of tracks and videos located in its library.


iHeartRadio is an internet radio platform, wherein you can create or personalize your own station. With a selection of your personal favorite songs and artists, you will have a radio station you’ll love and listen to everyday. iHeartRadio also gives exclusive updates on live music events. It’s available wherever you are, and it’s free. It’s the best streaming radio app ever.

Technology has given a new spin to the usual radio and CD. Now, you have the power to customize or choose what you want. You have the choice to pay a subscription or not. Technology gives you the power to rule your world, not the other way around.