Top 10 Tracking Apps for Lost or Stolen Phones

Top 10 Tracking Apps for Lost or Stolen Phones

You will never realize how important a device tracking application, unless your tablet, iPad, or any smartphone is stolen. Prices of the latest device can go as high as any valuable appliances or furniture at home so it is but just right to have it kept safe and tracked whenever you get to misplace them or somebody with ill motives gets a hold of it. Now, you surely would want to make sure your phone can be tracked wherever it is brought, and at some point, you can have it locked so it cannot be used when stolen.

When you have invested a lot on a mobile device, you will likely be on the lookout for some good application to keep your investment in the scene. Here are some of the top 10 and the most downloaded apps to date when it comes to tracking lost or stolen mobile devices:

Find My iPhone (iOS)

The idea is to secure the safety of your iPhone unit. Simply install the app on another device and locate your ever-precious smartphone in cases where you forgot it or someone has accidentally got it for whatever reasons. This also has driving directions which can play even while you have set the phone in silent mode.

Android Device Manager (Android)

You must have had series of Android phones that you get to have familiarized yourself with the runarounds off it. If that is the case, you must have known as of this time that there is a phone finder tool designed to locate your Android units, as long as you have it enrolled after download and installation.

Find My Phone (Windows)

Just as Apple came up with a lost or stolen phone tracker, so does the Windows phone manufacturer. The map locator can tell where exactly the phone being tracked is located real-time. Regardless of the phone version, as long as what you have for the Operating System is Windows, you can always have this downloaded and installed on your tracking device.

Lookout (iOS, Android)

When you have both Android and iPhone for mobile devices, of course, you would not want to have separate trackers. This will be the answer to your prayer. Looking for a device tracking tool in order to trace activities involved with your phone? You have this, then. Moreover, when it gets worse and you get to the point of losing your phone, then this is your app.

Where’s My Droid (Android)

That typical concept of using GPS in trying to locate a person, an address, or a thing has been adopted in this case. Features involved driving directions, vibrating, and non-stop ringing whenever the unit comes to the hands of some ill-fated robbers. When you get to maximize the use of your tracker, this tool is very helpful.

Mobile Security (Android)

When you are trying to keep your mobile devices safe, downloading a useful app will do. For instance, you always leave your phone somewhere or you simply become a usual victim of mobile phone thefts. That should not be your worry any longer as you can simply download a mobile app to track whoever has your phone in real-time.

Plan B (Android)

Yes, it may sound a joke but the app actually exists. Plan A is that you never lose your phone, ever. However, when for some random reason it gets out of your sight, this tool will get you the sudden switch – tracking it and finding who happens to have it real-time. This works but many would not agree with the charge.

Cerberus Anti-Theft (Android)

Sounds strong, this app does. Your Android devices are at risk of getting robbed or lost. When you are one of those busy buffs, you should have this tool installed in your tracking unit. This is in order for you to immediately find out the activities of whatever Android phone you have, other than your tracker.

Android Lost (Android)

The app may be paid but this will surely serve its purpose when it comes to tracking your mobile device. This is made available for Android users in case all the other tools will not work or will not suit the taste of the owner. Losing your mobile device can cause problems which include losing important contacts and various important files.

Now, you can set aside whatever worries you have when it comes to the possibility that your expensive mobile will be out of your reach at any moment. You need to have a backup plan in case your safekeeping will not work while the phone is with you. So, before you get your phone lost all the way, it is best for you to have a device tracker for a start.