A Windows user who manages a lot of files is fond of using WinZip, why? This is because, with the use of WinZip, files can be 20130127-WinZip17.jpgencrypted. Encrypted files are a group of files that can be accessed using a secret code.

WinZip version 9.0 and above are the most commendable software versions to use for it is indeed capable of file encryption with the use of its AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) security feature. Download this software for it will give you a worry free file archive experience as files within this software are said to be protected on its medium that is removable and which contains file archives that are only encrypted.


If you need to attach an archive file in an e-mail, whatever files within the WinZip file is also protected.

Encrypted files are like safeguarding your important possession most especially if you’re using portable computers like laptop which you bring with you your most important personal files.

The encrypted folder is best to save confidential files because you can lock them with your personalized passwords. Furthermore, some Operating System like Mac has its own efficient encrypting tools to keep your files safe. You have the option to use their Disk utility which you can save files like regular files but with the use of a password to lock and unlock it.

Another is encrypting files through the use of their more sophisticated FileVault which can encrypt your whole folder including other less important files like music and photos.

WinZip Encryption

WinZip encrypting tools has indeed played a vital role in maintaining and managing all files safeguarding them in the most secure options. For instance, encrypted files in archive are secure on protected portable tools like CD or DVD because it only contains the necessary archive.

Even files encrypted on archives are still secure even if they are shared through email attachments. However, one should make sure to double-check the computer files because any encrypted archive from WinZip is copied to the memory of the computer every time it is transferred from one computer to another every time the files are viewed or decrypted.

Also, you need to encrypt the whole archive after all your important files have been added and then always tick the “mask password” in order to back up your chosen password securely.

You should see to it that you remember your password or have a secure back up always because WinZip does not provide yet any retrieving tools to recover files from encrypted archive just in case you forgot your password. Also, a lot of WinZip version is available for encrypting archive today.

It is up to you to choose which one serves your purpose in the most protected WinZip way. There are lots of recommendations which you can choose from like for instance the 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or the 256-bit instead of Zip 2.0 compatible encryption.

Another is, if you need to save multiple files using the same password it is best to use the 256- bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) when encrypting an archive. Now, you have been walked through with some important facts about protecting and securing your important files by simply encrypting them. The process is made simple and easy by WinZip for your convenience.

WinZip Download

Managing those space consuming stuffs in your system is a little bit annoying most especially when you have nothing to help you. Fortunately, there’s one stable file organizer that you can instantly depend on today, WinZip. WinZip is a multi-purpose zip and unzip software that is very convenient to use.

It has no complicated features that can increase your burden in fixing your files. Instead, it is very useful in file handling. It is very easy to navigate this compression tool. You’ll no longer need any wizard or guides to perfect the commands right away. It is capable of decreasing the size of your giant documents into a very acceptable file size.

What’s more delightful with this file archiver is that it ensures that it never missed or deletes important contents of your files during the process of size reduction.

WinZip for Windows

You may now have the daintiest file, download WinZip convenient file manager. WinZip has maintained supreme comfort in all areas. It was even distributed as a cross-platform and multilingual software application.

It is hugely convenient to own a copy of the file archiver which you can use instantly because it can surely match your Operating System. Another, it is a very simple file organizer but was made more obtainable by simply translating its codes and contents into your most simplified local languages.

Furthermore, WinZip recognizes all types of zip and unzip formats. It has also the highest type of security tool that can protect all of your files particularly those which are confidential and needs privacy.

Safeguard your belongings too, use this file compression program; download free WinZip convenient file manager. WinZip has small file size that you can save and run right away on your system. It is also made up of various versions to pave way for more choices for the users.

WinZip For Mac

You can also use WinZip to store and write various types of zip formats directly on your physical media like CD and DVD.

It also supports a powerful protocol that helps in fast transfers of files from one source to another. Now, you find the right software that you can always use conveniently. It is multi-purpose, efficient, fast, and most especially secure and user-friendly.

These are all very comfortable qualities that are fitted in single file archiver, extractor, decompression tool, and many more functions of WinZip. Definitely, you’ll have the most pleasant experience when you obtain a free WinZip convenient file manager download.