Most Downloaded File Archiver for Windows

Most Downloaded File Archiver for Windows

The file archiver is an important element in every computer. It reduces bulky files and archives into the space-efficient type of files. It also ensures that needless the compression ratio applied to each file and archive it has still preserved it as one complete file. It never dispersed, cut, or modify any contents from the original file or archive.

Hence, due to the necessity of this software, users are already keen on choosing not just the basic type of file archiver, rather a complete and advance software applications that can organize and protect all your stuff, and offer you extended functions. Just like the most downloaded file archiver for Windows.

1. 7-Zip

7-Zip is free and open-source most downloaded file archiver for Windows. It is a very efficient file archiver fitted successfully for only 1.31 MB. It is designed with multiple language interfaces which can handle over 79 local translations. This file archiver is under a public license which means you can take your own copy immediately for free. 7-Zip is a feature-rich type of file compression tool.

It supports great numbers of compression and non-compression formats. It also offers you two types of command lines which include built-in modules and external libraries. Moreover, it is equipped with an encrypting program called AES which enables your files and archives to be secured by a combination of your preferred passwords.

It also uses an orthodox file manager every time you utilize 7-Zip into two-panel mode.7-Zip can also guarantee you of backups on removable media like CDs and DVDs by supporting volumes of dynamically variable sizes. You can also use 7-Zip to unpack archives with corrupted filenames.

2. PeaZip

This most downloaded file archiver for Windows combines all other powerful roles like file manager and file compression software. It also features an archive browser interface that includes history and search functions for navigating the archive’s contents. It also enables you to include the application of multiple inclusion and exclusion filter rules to the archive.

You can also enjoy PeaZip as your portable application and installable package for your Windows and all other widely used Operating systems. Furthermore, PeaZip can do lots of extended tasks beyond reducing file sizes of files and archives.

It also covers the functions of archive conversion; find duplicate files, system benchmarking, random key files and password generation, archive encryption, file splitting, and joining, and a whole lot more. It has a great selection of format support like 7z, ZIP, Tar, LPAQ, and PAQ. Don’t worry about the file encryption process because PeaZip has an AES 256-bit cipher to secure your archives.

3. FreeArc

If you want a straightforward file archiver with all your needed features in compressing and securing files and archives then FreeArc is the wisest choice. FreeArc is made up of default features in file archiving, yet it can also flaunt you its prominent feature which is related to speed. This file archiver has the highest efficiency when it comes to compressing files in the shortest timeframe, which is way faster than all other types of file archiver.

It is also designed with the best algorithms which can instantly filter repetitions of files and have automatic switching by file functions. Other distinct features of Free Arc are the ability to create installers and self-extracting archives.

It supports FAR and Total Commander plugins and smart updates for solid compression which can inhibit possible recompression. It has also selected premium archive protection and recovery which handles even recovery over the Internet. This file archiver is pocket-friendly because it never requires you any fees to take one.

4. WinZip

WinZip is your shareware which is the most downloaded file archiver for Windows. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, and OS X. This file archiver holds multiple functions which are not available on other file archiver and compression software.

It is also built with plenty of configurable features to suits your preference like Windows Shell Integration. WinZip also handles ARC and ARJ archives. Likewise, you can depend on the automation of backup jobs from WinZip. It is also produced in great variants to ensure that you get the best alternative to this file archiving software.

If you want the precise and fast transfer of files then WinZip lets you use its integrated FTP upload. It also enables you to take advantage of email ZIP archives. In terms of physical media support, WinZip is capable to write directly ZIP archives to CD or DVD. WinZip also keeps your files and archives with utmost care through 128 and 256-bit key AES encryption support.

5. WinRAR

WinRAR is among the popular file archiver for Windows. It always takes the prime spot from the most downloaded file archiver for Windows. It is available in more than 44 languages around the globe. For a prudent size of just 1.83 MB, you’ll already enjoy the power of total data compression utility software.

It can create and validate ZIP and RAR archives accurately. It also supports Unicode in filenames. WinRAR has multithread compression capability as well as the ability to produce multi-volume and self-extracting split archives.

It never allows redundancy of data too by applying recovery volumes and records to reconstruct damaged files. It has also advanced support for the NTFS file system and includes AES archive encryption as well.

Reduce, Organize and Protect

Now, you’ve finally found the perfect partner to compress and protect your important text files. Thanks to these most downloaded file archives for Windows. It’s nice to open your computer with all the files and archives neatly arranged and organized in their tiniest form. With all these diligent file archivers, messy stuff and bulky archives no longer have a space on your drives.