The Most Useful Applications in Teaching Children How to Read and Write

The Most Useful Applications in Teaching Children How to Read and Write

The home is the perfect place to teach children how to read and write. Parents and guardians are usually the ones responsible for these primary stages of learning. They serve as the first teachers for their young ones. It is therefore very important for them to know the basic and most helpful techniques to make this task a lot easier.

With the advancements in technology, several ways have been introduced to guide these early teachers in the process. These involve numerous applications that are equipped with the easiest and most accessible ways for easy adaptation and learning. The applications are developed based on the needs of the users. Some of the most common and useful applications in teaching children how to read and write were listed below.

Endless Reader

The Endless Reader is an application specially dedicated to the young ages learning how to read. This app helps children in improving their reading knowledge and skills. It includes several important aspects such as word recognition, phonics, and fluency in reading.

The app gives children a wonderful experience with their animated characters that perform and acts several tasks. It is a good starter for getting and maintaining the attention of the children. The children become more encouraged in completing several exercises due to the given incentives and rewards. Endless Reader app is a good motivational tool for teaching children the basic essentials of reading.

Endless Numbers

The Endless Numbers is an application primarily used for early numeracy learning in children. The app offers interactive features dedicated to number recognition, sequencing, and proper counting. The animated puzzles allow children to enjoy numbers while having fun. Some of the activities come in delightful animations allowing the proper reinforcing of the basic skills in numbers.

The app doesn’t offer any time pressure in all activities making it more fun for children. Endless Numbers app is designed to offer children a stress-free experience while learning the basics of numbers.

Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus application is a very enjoyable way of teaching children the classical nursery rhyme songs. The children can easily listen to different songs of their choices which come in several languages. The lyrics of the songs are also being flashed on the screen for guidance. Learning these nursery rhymes is done while the user acts as the bus driver. Several buttons and objects are available for a more interactive experience.

These include the movements of the windshields while making wonderful sounds and the popping pf the bubbles when a button is touched. Wheels on the Bus app allows children to learn the basic nursery rhymes while recording one’s own angelic voice in the process.


The Animatch application is a simple yet very powerful matching game for children. This offers several farm and safari animals making their own sound and noises for better knowledge and familiarizations. The game is played like the old school matching games. This app is so cool making children giggle and enjoy while learning. Animatch app is perfect for the children to develop their proper concentration techniques, better memorization procedures, and cognitive learning skills.


The iWriteWords application is a handwriting game for children. It offers several helpful features that teach children how to write. This app allows children to trace letters and numbers with animated systems such as a cute crab. Children are asked to carefully trace pictures on the screen. If not properly done, the app will start all over again. For an easier mode of learning, this app uses the followed the dots approach. iWriteWords app is a helpful tool for teaching children how to write the basic alphabet and numbers.

Busy Shapes

The Busy Shapes application is a fantastic way of teaching children the basic shapes. This allows children to familiarize themselves with shapes by solving a series of puzzles. The puzzle involves moving the shapes into their proper and respective holes. As the game progresses, more difficult levels are being offered for the children to develop more knowledge and skills. The colorfully designed puzzles also allow children to start familiarizing themselves with different colors. The sounds that each shape makes also add to the great feature of this application. Busy Shapes app ensures proper guidance and motivation for children as they go through the process of learning the different shapes.

Modern technologies and innovations have shown tremendous effects on the lives of everyone, young and adults. These advancements should be used wisely at all times preventing abuse and misuse. Users should always be aware of the pros and the cons of what they are using and doing in order to avoid unnecessary instances from occurring. Being alert and responsible is always a must.