Our Mornings are Better with Technology

technology in the morning
A young woman wakes up the bed. the alarm on the smartphone is ringing

Take a moment to examine your daily morning routines, from the moment you wake up until you leave your home for the office. How many times have you reached out to any form of technology for help? Now, let that sit in a little as you realize that yes, technology pretty much runs my morning routine.

Most of us have become so dependent on technology that we consider it as a basic part of our lives every day. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. But can you imagine a time how these little changes in our morning routines will be without the help of our ever-reliable technology? That’s right; it’s going to be hard.

Let’s talk about how our mornings have become better with the help of technology.

Alarm clocks

Let’s start off from the very first dose of technology we get the moment we wake up, or should we say before we wake up. Alarm clocks, as common as they may be and as taken for granted as they may be in our homes, you can’t deny that alarm clocks have helped us in so many ways. Some of us rely greatly on alarm clocks to wake us up and make us get to work on time.

Not only do alarm clocks get used in the morning. Alarms can be set at different times of the day as a form of reminders for the tasks we should do. Nevertheless, for those who need an alarm to wake up, alarm clocks are pretty much the most important technology in our mornings.

Hot shower

Who could say they are brave enough to get into the freezing shower every morning for a ‘wake up’ shower especially on cool seasons? Probably a few brave souls. But most of us would really just prefer a hot shower to wake our bodies up. Good thing technology has given us a way to choose whether we like a hot, regular, or cold shower.

Having the ability to mix up the water temperature so you can take a comfortable and relaxing shower before you go to school or work is something we should all be thankful for technology.


After your shower, the next thing you do is to dry your hair. While combing through your hair in front of the fan or drying it naturally may be working techniques, the time it would take is simply not ideal if you are the morning speedy type. Hairdryers are your best bet.

Through hair dryers, you can dry your hair two times faster than naturally combing through them and waiting for your hair to dry. This extremely helpful technological innovation has helped made our morning preparations for work faster and more efficient.


Make-up has become such a common thing that we often forget it is a form of simple cosmetic technology, thus making it a form of technology as well. Over the years, makeup has evolved into many transformations, making it easier to apply and long-lasting.

Easy to apply makeup that is long-lasting can save a few morning routines and during the day when we do not have to go to the powder room every once in a while to do a retouch.

Coffee makers

Some of us are practically unable to think logically before we have had our coffee. Although grabbing a cup on the nearest coffee shop may seem ideal, brewing your own coffee at home is the best way to drink your daily dose of caffeine.

The aroma alone can help amp up your energy even before you leave your home. Plus, it would allow you to make your own coffee recipe that is perfect for your taste. You get unlimited cups depending on how long you think your day would go.

Microwave or bread toasters

With your busy schedule, you barely have time to make a French toast from scratch. Good thing you have your microwave oven to heat up any of your leftover meals from last night, as a quick bite for breakfast. Remember the most important meal of the day. If you prefer freshly cooked breakfast, you can toast your bread through bread toasters.

Morning television news

Of course, a good citizen will update himself or herself of the latest happenings through morning television news. While you sip on your freshly brewed coffee and snack on your quick to-go breakfast, equip yourself with the knowledge of the latest news by watching TV.

This is only one of the many proofs that when technology is put to good use, it can definitely help us in many ways. Continuous improvement in technology will only make our lives easier and easier in the future. For now, technology already does so much for us, not only in the mornings but the whole day in our everyday lives.