Text Watcher Android App

Text Watcher Android App

When you have an Android phone, you surely would like to maximize all features available with it and eventually make use of every helpful app around for your benefit. Text Watcher has been around as a class introduced by the API, and android developer. This is mainly used to observe an input open text field for users to automatically update information and data on another view.

This works like a character counter feature as this can literally count the characters typed on in the text field. At the same time, this measures the password strength or weakness upon entering such. Online tutorials are available in terms of scenarios where users would wonder how Text Watcher can be implemented in an Android such as updating a viewed data instantly in Text View.

Text Watcher Android App

Typically, a Text Watcher app is used to ultimately keep watch of the Edit Text feature which happens while you are entering data onto it. This operation can be performed every time a number of characters are typed in a word document format on the text field. There are 3 methods of implementing Text Watcher but this can always be modified in order to create another original function. These are as follows:

Before Text Change

This is the method usually used when the texts or characters you try to input are being replaced or overridden by new set of another form of texts. This is the case when text cannot be edited at all. This is something that you should be careful of as this can likely change the ultimate content of the original text.

On Text Change

This is the method used when the desired changes have been put in place and the characters have actually been replaced. This is another scenario where the text cannot be edited as well. Another caution is necessary just the same as unnecessary changes can as well lead to ultimately changing the authentic thought of the text.

After Text Change

This is the method which may somewhat be similar to that of the before text change and the after text change with the utmost exception of the text being able to be edited, which is the most convenient method among others. In this case, the text becomes flexible as users can freely make changes on the text printed on the page.

Generally, Text Watcher is a not so famous Android application responsible of keeping watch the Edit Text feature while the user inputs data into it. The main activities concerning Text Watcher is the possibility of editing a text in place and does the required changes at some point.

Text change happens when you are utilizing a public interface named as such. These are the 3 other Public Methods of this app known among developers, and this is what they use in determining changes every now and then.

Here are the quick Tutorials to get your Android to have the Text Watcher up and running.

  • Make or create your own Android project and name it whichever way you like, although the most advisable name would be the Android Text Watcher Example. Then name the same package as com.example then target the specific platform Android 2.3.3.
  • There would be this default Main Activity class which you can use as you go ahead and start with your concept and ideas of writing the code. You have the option to personalize your creation and have it done according to how you would want the output to look.
  • First things first, see to it you set the Text Watcher interface as a public class Main Activity extending to Activity, then implement Text Watcher so you get started. The idea is to get you through the process from start to finish.
  • Override all the mentioned method according to your preference and see to it you are tracking the procedure as discussed usually in technical forums online, or as you can see it straight out of an Android reference material.
  • For instance, you would be implementing a string checker designed for whatever topic you prefer, simply add your code to the After Text Change method so as you will be enabled to do the editing of your own work. After a while, you will have visibility of the completed code.

The app has been on the run and is trying to magnet attention as this can present the possibility of viewing texts ahead before it is done. This as well suggests ideas and concerns specific to the data primarily loaded or checked out in your Android unit.

Message tracking and alerting are quite efficient in this case as anybody, especially the parents or business owners can get an actual look at the goings in and out of the Android mechanism. As long as you know how to make it work, you are good to go.