Best Free FTP for Windows

Best Free FTP for Windows

Choosing the best file transfer protocol helps you to share and transfer files safely and accurately. This network protocol uses advance techniques to ensure that you receive or deliver computer files fast and complete from one host to another, particularly over the Internet. FTP is especially designed to match the Operating System as well as the graphical-user interface of known platforms today.

However, among these FTP’s the finest and most prudent are carefully chosen to give you the efficient and quick output that you need. Hence, when the best Operating System and FTP software compatibly works together, you’ll gain plenty of convenience and benefits even more. Take all these best free FTP for Windows now.

Best Free FTP for Windows

 1. FileZilla

Feel free to optimize the expertise of this twin File Transfer Protocol software. Taking advantage of not just one but two powerful software both with prominent features, for sure you’ll have the most consistent and reliable computer files ever. Transferring of files is also not an issue with this best free FTP or Windows.

It uses not just one or two protocols but a group of advance and recognized protocols like SFTP, FTPS, encrypted FTP, and more.

FileZilla is also a feature rich type of FTP. It has stable support from modern Internet protocol like IPv6. It is also built with multilingual interface which is capable to handle over 47 languages of your choice.

Apart from all these stable functions, FileZilla is also noted of its ease to use controls and navigation which are compose of tab user interface, drag and drop options, configurable transfer speed limits, network configuration wizard filename filters and many more to expect  from it. It even allows you transfer up to 4GB of file as an email attachment.

2. Classic FTP

Don’t be deceive with the label of this best free FTP for Windows because it can flaunt you with all the advance features of FTP software. For a handy size of only 342 KB you have already complete software to download, transfer, edit, configure and even delete files directly to the website. In terms of security of files, you can also count on its FTP SSL feature. This best free FTP for Windows is also known of its versatility because it is compatible with all well-known FTP.

It is built with a comfortable interface ideal for advance and new users. It even offers you a setup Wizard to make your connections with other FTP sites faster and consistently. Besides its speed to transfer, upload, and download computer files, it also provides you with the quickest way to handle commands such as the drag and drop process. It runs smoothly with your older version of Windows and even compatible with Mac OS too. Above all, you can take Classic FTP for free.

3. FTP Manager Lite

Take another FTP maven for free, download FTP Manager Lite. If you want to have simultaneous multiple network connection then this best free FTP for Windows is the efficient choice for you. It also delivers and receives complete and well-protected computer files.

FTP Manager Lite also includes great features like an automatic resume in case your file is being interrupted while transferring from one network to another.

This is never a demanding FTP that works reliably even with classic version Windows. If you want to add a new connection, it would always be an interesting process because you can handle it completely or ask assistance from the smart setup wizard.

This FTP is also a neat file manager because it organizes your computer files with utmost protection and in an orderly manner. You need not to worry either if there is a temporary issue with the network because it has an automatic resume option which reconnects right after the connection is back.

4. WinScP

Worry no more with your best free FTP for Windows. File overload never happens with WinScP. It is carefully designed to cater to all your needs on file transfer and data handling.  This FTP prepares you with plenty of configurable features and versions to make sure that you always enjoy the options that match your wants.

It is fitted in a tiny file of 4.45 MB small enough to takes in a limited free space from your drive. It is free and has open source codes which are compatible to all your Windows OS. WinScP also offers you best techniques in protecting your computer files whether on transit or on your folder. It also supports directory synchronization, commander interface, integrated script editor and many more features.


JaSFTP is a simple yet fastest file transfer protocol you could ever use to transfer your computer files over other networks. It has a vast range of support like HTTP, SOCKS 4and 5 proxy, SSH, SSH1 and SSH2, and more. It has all the automatic features you wish from an FTP software. It allows you to open an unlimited SFTP browser, monitor website updates, uninterruptible task threads, and support multiple connections and all other advanced functions.

You can explore plenty of prominent characteristics from this free FTP and that’s for sure. It even allows you to receive email notifications, monitor your local directory, produce advanced solutions for automation, schedule downloads of your favorite multimedia files all for free.

Worry-Free File Transfer

Transferring of file is not as simultaneous, fast and convenient with all these best free FTP for Windows. These FTP’s even works more than just a protocol but an efficient software as a whole. It is resilient, fast, accurate and even well-organized in handling your computer files.

You can perform plenty of customizable features that match your own preference with these FTPs. Hence, downloading these prominent FTPs assures you of hassle-free and uninterrupted file transfer, downloading, uploading process, and even editing and file deletion.