Top 7 Movie App For Your iOS Or Android

Top 7 Movie App For Your iOS Or Android

Everyone just loves technology, why not? It is giving fun and excitement at a higher level. The level that no one thought can be achieved. Everything can happen in a blink of an eye or tap of a finger. Things are just so smooth, fast, and convenient for everyone with the help of technology.

One of the best benefits that technology has given society is the power to watch movies using their mobile phones. It offers the utmost relaxation anywhere you may be, wherever you are, as long as you have your phone with you, you can click and play the movie that you wish.


Who would not know Showbox? This app offers you the ability to download movies you want to play over and over again and the TV series you missed. You will never lose tons of options available on Showbox for you to click and play. One of the best things about Showbox is that movies and TV series are downloadable, thus you need not worry about slow connection, buffering, no internet connection, and the like. Watching movies offline is definitely as smooth as silk.

Do not look for this app on Google play store, as you cannot find it there, they have their own website and you can download it there very easily.


All is just easy with Crackle, this app is highly easy to navigate. You will never have a hard time navigating the movie and TV series you want to stream. This free movie and TV series streaming is free of charge, thus you can watch all movies and series you want as long as you have an internet connection. Once the internet connection is gone, no streaming can be done, the movies and series are not downloadable, thus make sure you have an internet connection when you access this app.

This is one of the best free movie and tv streaming available app for your phone, may you be using iOS or Android.

Flipps TV

Do you love movies? TV shows? How about music videos? News or sports highlights? This app is surely perfect to present to you anything you look for a complete combo package. Yes, they are all downloadable, thus you need not worry about the internet connection. This app will never fail to give you not just movies or TV series but as well as music videos, viral videos, news, etc. All are made available for android users. Do not deprive yourself of a good package with Flipps TV.

The best addition to this app is that it can work simultaneously from your phone to your TV, thus if you want the entire family to watch it on a bigger screen, let them. iOS and Android? Yes, this can work for both.


Considered to be one of the best movie streaming sites. The availability of this app both to android and iOS has made all the benefits accelerate. You need not be a computer guru or savvy to navigate this app, as the interface is very user friendly and straight forward. All you wish is what this app can provide. What is not better than having an app compatible with Chromecast? Watch movies you love not just on your phone but make it connected straight to your TV, for everyone to enjoy watching.


Yes, it is Hubi! One of the first to click when looking for an app best with Android. The ease of letting you streamline tv series or channels, online movies, and a lot more. What is best about Hubi, is you can download any videos around the web, for free, what is not to like if free, right? What you need to know more is that the downloading is a lot better and faster compared to others due to this app collects the downloads and will provide and offer you their server links.

Although, just one very minimal downside is that there are some ads that are in the free version, although you can easily remove them by paying a very minimal amount.


Have you heard of this app? If not yet, just to introduce to you, this app is getting a good mark in the play store, with over 1 million users, this app is really hot and interesting to take a look at and consider. Although there is a requirement, you should be using an Android ICS or later version to make this app works. You will never lose selections from this app, they have more than 40,000 different titles to choose from, thus you know there is one video out there that will perfectly seal your day.

MegaBox HD

It may not be as popular as Showbox, but works almost exactly like that. The only difference this has with the other is that MegaBox HD is only available for Android. But hey, worried about the space this needs to consume? Worry no more, as you only need 1.8MB to have this downloaded, thus not much consumption on your memory space.

You can choose either quality of 360p or 720p when watching your favorite video. So, what more to ask? None actually.