Top 10 Technological Breakthroughs Of 2016

Tesla Autopilot
Tesla Autopilot

Both people and companies develop certain technologies in order to solve problems that affect a lot of individuals. They also open up new opportunities for several entities. In this case, here are the top 10 breakthrough technologies that will surely be buzzing in 2016.

Virtual Reality Games

The year 2016 will mark the start of a new era in the entertainment industry, most especially the videos and gaming sectors. Many companies have already created their prototypes for virtual reality headsets, such as Sony, HTC, and Oculus. However, later in the year, virtual reality will also start to get into healthcare and enterprise sectors, too.

DNA App Store

The genes in the body can say a lot about the origins of the person, his health risks, and his physical traits. In this case, the company Helix will attempt to create the very first DNA app store. With only a spit sample from the user, the app will be able to analyze his genes and return findings of his health. However, certain government agencies will still have to decide the amount of information that such an app can reveal to the user.

Immune Engineering

This technology offers a ray of hope to cancer patients as it presents a cure for such deadly medical disease. With this technology, the biotechnology company Cellectis has created a method called TALENs to alter the genes of the DNA. The company took the T cells, which are known as the killer cells that are present in the human immune system, from a person, then, added a new set of DNA instructions that commands the T cells to destroy those types of blood cells that cause cancer. Not only will it be able to provide a cure for cancer, the company also strives to use it as treatment for HIV, one that is known to have no cure as of present.

Precise Gene Editing in Plants

Not only can alteration of human genes be possible, but the genes in plants can also be modified. The CRISPR technology provides ways to change the genes that are present in crops and plants for them to produce more yields as well as fight disease and resist drought more effectively.

This is an entirely different thing from GMO’s or genetically modified organisms, which earned a lot of concerns from consumers. The seeds resulting from the use of CRISPR technology on crops or plants will be available about 5 to 10 years from now.

Reusable Rockets

In the past decades, rockets have to be destroyed once they are launched into space. One rocket already costs space agencies a lot of money so destroying a lot of them is certainly not an economical approach. However, in the year 2016, reusable rockets will already be available. These rockets will land upright on a pad through constant firing in order to control its descent.

Tesla Autopilot

Through a software update on Tesla cars, Tesla Version 7.0, known for its nickname Autopilot has been launched. With the name itself, you will be able to let the vehicle drive on its own, just like what pilots do with airplanes. With this technology, the vehicle steers, changes lanes, control its speed and parks itself.

Conversational Interfaces

This technology offers a more accurate voice speech recognition system. With this, the mobile phone will still be able to execute a command properly even if you are on a busy street or any noisy environment. This technology is already in use in China due to the numerous Chinese characters for their language.

SolarCity’s Gigafactory

SolarCity, a leading solar panel construction and installation company, is already aiming to complete the Gigafactory by next year. This facility has the capability of creating 10,000 solar panels per day. Such panels will be available for both residential and commercial use. This will surely minimize the cost of utilities, especially electricity.

Power from the Air

In two to three years time, it will be possible for your battery-powered devices to get charged through radio signals. This technology is based on a the principle of backscattering. You will not need a power cord just to transfer power to your device.

Robots that Teach One Another

With the Million Object Challenge of Stefanie Tellex, a computer science professor at Brown University, robots will find ways on how they can handle different objects and store such information into the cloud. This cloud will then allow other robots from other parts of the world to access, analyze and utilize such information. They can even refine the details to ensure proper handling and share them to all other robots that have access to the cloud.

There are still a lot of technologies that are still currently in development. All of these technologies have the potential to make the lives of individuals easier. Surely, people will be having a brighter future with the availability of these technologies.