Top 10 Movie Download Websites for Mobile Phones

Movie Download Websites for Mobile Phones

Ever since technology started and the motion picture has been introduced to the public, people have gone crazy over movies. In fact, many would prefer to stay at home, download movies, and watch the latest, without them having to pay a penny. Others might be tripping on spending they would rather pay for a paid app yet most would likely prefer something that is free. Lately, mobile phones have been designed to also hold as much storage as that of movies saved after it is being downloaded. And the demand for this has gone up.

It has gone pretty easy for users to discard whatever application that is not working on their devices. And then there would go the unending search for another utility that would allow them to download more movies, change and removed them for another set right after they have watched them. The top 10 movie download websites for mobile phones, to date, are as follows:


An estimate of around 30 million users or more have been very proud to stream, download, and eventually recommend the website as this has been in the service to the same fanatics and the good quality of downloads has never faltered a bit.


An American based video website offering high-quality videos to cater to the streaming trips of every user has been around for years. Up to this moment, anybody can still experience the same fun and enjoyment as if you are watching an original video record.


Looking for an interesting website can be a challenge especially if you are a first-timer. In this case, you got it covered. This website can get you going. At any time you decide to watch, as long as you are connected to the internet, the website will do you good.


Basically from Torrent, this one is specifically designed for mobile downloading needs and the website has as well never failed the users. Varieties of video are available and this suits the taste of either Bollywood, locals, and even foreign videos.


Movie updates and new series of your choice may not yet be available anywhere else but it can already be available for streaming, download, and eventually saving. This is what the avid users have been very proud of this one.


Not just some misspelled name of a website, this has a server which can be viewed by users all over the world, provided there is an internet to provide connection. This website does not require you to download and install stuff before it works.


Some great collections of movies and similar videos can be found in the database of this website. Games and music are as well available in this location so once you are online, all you need to do is visit the page and your fun would be up to the site.

Google Play

As provided by the almost omnipresent Google, this downloading website is also a reference to some other multimedia sources. Options that you can do while here range from streaming, downloading, saving for offline viewing, and a lot of others.


Going into movies, you can simply search by title, by genre, or by the director, and you will then be displayed with what is available, These are mostly the most preferred among users who loves classic and releases for the last few months and back. This is the reason the website is still up.


Superheroes or anything type of movie that moviegoers would love to watch, a ready website like this can get the task done. A simple search will return a sure result unless the movie being looked after is still not released for viewing. This, indeed, is a movie pilot.

The reality that the taste of every internet user who is at the same time a movie lover changes over time has been understood by the app developers. Therefore, the number of movies downloading websites also increases. Nonetheless, a few managed to be the best so they made it to the top 10 websites for mobile phones, specifically. The bottom line is that you now know which one to pick, and that is when you can get started.

New mobile phone movies downloaded will surely sprout out every now and then, but only a few will likely survive to say, much more, to last. The instinctive love for movies will stay while the preference for the genre will change. The above may be a good list for some but it will definitely change at some point. As long as there are movies made, there will likely be new waves of websites to show. The list will change, but that is supposed to be the list of worries as every site will deal with improvement and management.