Top 10 Cool Uses for Drones

Top 10 Cool Uses for Drones

Drones. You got to admit they are “cool” in every sense of the slang word. This is probably the next best thing since people get to fly in airplanes. Flying birds, flying squirrels, and now you have flying cameras that can take aerial photos and videos of anything you want – provided you are in a legal and public documenting area.

It’s badass and frankly the closest thing we can get to a James Bond gadget. Nevertheless, it’s awesome and its technicalities can make you thump your chest because it is just that manly. Convinced yet? Here are the top 10 cool uses for drones.

Advanced journalism

In today’s journalism, the faster you are and the clearer your sources can be, the more successful you can get in this field. Of course, this means investing in gadgets and tools that can make your write ups and photographs even better. One of them is investing in drones, which for journalists who often have assignments that involve adventures and the environments, can come in pretty handy.

Drone racing

You may or may not have seen one of these, but just hearing the words drone and racing can get your “cool” adrenaline going. The mechanics is pretty simple. Drones are mostly controlled by a remote. Just like a real life video game, you and your friends can race your drones inside forests or any other fields and you can sit back, control the drone from where you are, and see a live video feed of where your drones are out on an adventure.

Sports documentation and photography

Sports that involve racing or anything related to speed may require a little more technology to document. This is where our good old drone technology comes in. While most of our regular cameras are nowhere near able to run after athletes and take their photos, photographers can simply use drones, sit back in the grandstand and control the device from there.

Hobby photography and videography

Hobbyists and leisure photographers are also in for a real treat with the use of drones. It can even be used to start up a photography business. Having drones as part of your photography set is a great deal when you aim for better videos and photos, aerial views and a lot more in store.

Monitoring (legal and military)

In terms of legal and military monitoring cases, drones can be extremely helpful. From regular monitoring of highway traffic rules to military studies and top secret missions, drones have been helping many governments’ intelligence in order to fight crime and prevent chaos.


Hunting is a common activity anywhere around the globe. It could be done out of leisure or out of business. With the use of drones, hunting can be made easier by easily locating targets and avoiding tracks that can be dangerous or hinder you from reaching the target.

In many parts of the world, hunting is even made a contest, and with the use of drones, a win is pretty much in sight.


Of course, not all hunting is permitted and approved, especially in highly protected areas. Because of this, drones can also be used to protect hunted species from being hunted. Drones can standby and stay guard to alert officials if there are illegal hunters in the land.


Aside from all the business and leisure that drones can bring, it can bring much more advancement in the fields of science and technology too.

Drones can be used for research by scientists and specialists who endeavor to research about new discoveries and more. With the help of drones, researchers have a wider scope of perspective in looking into the environment and much more.

Relief for calamities and disasters

Drones can be used not only for cameras, photography and documentation purposes. It can also be used to carry items to reach areas that are difficult to reach especially during times of calamity and disasters. Drones can be used to bring temporary relief goods while the roads and ways are still blocked, and this way those who are affected by calamity will receive faster communication and help.

Saving lives

With all the “cool” stuff listed here as uses for drones, it can easily be concluded that drones are, in a way, helpful to save lives. From military monitoring, anti-hunting, even simple documentation, up to giving relief on calamities, the use of drones can very well be the most helpful tool to save people’s lives.

With technology like these, we are just a step away from a sky dotted with drones for entertainment, sports, and simple leisure. With everything else getting caught on camera and documented on land – hey, why not on air too, right? So what are you waiting for? Get in the drone game now.