The Best Search Engines of 2015

The Best Search Engines of 2015

Before you get to see whatever document, image, or video you will need online, you have no other way   taste and this is done according to what has been creating the most traffic. Internet traffic, in this case, is the number of times a specific article has been viewed or utilized at one point in time. Estimating the data loaded and shown for the users online, a good list of the best search engines specific for the year 2015, is in effect.

You will never be successful in producing a good output unless you have a reference. This reference used to have been books. These books were then made available online. And there goes search engines designed to increase the ease of finding references wherever and whenever, provided there is an internet connection. Among them, here are 10 who made it to the top of the list:


Ranked Number 1 among all of the search engine so far, there had been an estimated 1 billion users of this search engine, to date. You will never wonder when at least one in every household uses this for a search engine.

This is a common software that has been in use for quite a few years now. In fact, most offices or schools have this page installed.


Technically the second top ranked search engines famous among online users, Bing has been the choice of most people engaged in rhetoric and literary works. Launched some time in 2009, there had been series of changes in the making of this search engine. This is mostly used in the United States and it has expanded its availability all over the world.

Yahoo! Search

Tagged and created by a multinational corporation, this search engine has around 700 thousand users. Bound with emails, news, entertainment, and games, this is some sort of an all-around search engine and online source at the same time.

This is one of the most recognized and the most notable search engine which is extensively utilized globally.


Literally speaking, ask this search engine anything under the sun, and this will surely return a good result. Then, it would be up to you to work on the most relevant document or graphic that would suit your taste or whatever you would think is the most reliable in terms of response and suggested references. In short, this search engine aids you in your search for answers.

AOL Search

The long name is American Online and this works with the enhancement, growth, and promotions of varied websites. It deals with investments in series of brands which are revolved to worldwide customers. Web development, hosting, and advertisement improvements are as well offered by this specific provider. There are estimated 125 million users of this search engine which is why this is included in the famous list.


Being notorious in web search and surfing, this online engine used to have been called Blucora. Although this is not that much as famous as Google, there are some users who still prefer to have this due to the fact that they have been comfortable using such.

Various search services and similar money systems were familiar with this type of search engine, and this is due to some great reasons.


Once tagged as the super-fast web search engine, this software has lived up to the expectations of the online fanatics. Around 65 million visitors were noted to have used the same on a monthly basis. This is actually a type of meta-search linked to Yahoo! or Google. All sorts of items ranging from photos, videos, white or yellow pages, news, and entertainment can be searched via this online engine.


Based in London, this UK founded search engine is a favorite among the locals. This works hand in hand with other systems where comprehensive returns of searched items can be found. Product reviews relevant to all sorts of shopping needs are made available and readily accessible to users of this specific search engine. This is the least used so far in terms of the names listed above yet there are still millions utilizing this search tool.

These days, wherever you are, whatever you do, you can always find some good support from search engines which are pretty efficient in their own way. These smart and unique software were designed to return comprehensive results relevant to the topic in need. This has a good way of filtering through the unnecessary and eventually returns the irrelevant off the suggested documents.

You might know some other search engines from above but as long as it provides you the best results, you are on the right track. Now, for anybody who is on the lookout for the best search engine, this can serve as a good point of reference.