Reviews of Armor Games

Reviews of Armor Games

In 1992, Wolfenstein 3D took the world by storm as the first commercialized first-person shooter (FPS) game. Since then, game developers constantly develop FPS games and incorporate something new on the table such as the ability to fight with other human players to make it more exciting.

In essence, FPS is a type of game that is focused on a player trapped in a 3D world. Its main objective is to kill the enemies using tons of weapons. Because of its popularity, it seems that the first-person shooter games are staying for good and are not planning to leave the gamers anytime soon.

New ones will come along but take a look at five of the best first-person shooter games of all time.

5 Best First Person Shooter Games of All Time

Left 4 Dead (2008)

Thanks to zombies, Turtle Rock Studios and Valve decided to develop a game that’s all about zombies. One of the greatest FPS games of all time, Left 4 Dead is about four survivors fighting for their life against a wave of infected monsters. Thanks to its diverse characters and perfect use of tropes from an action/horror film, it’s no wonder Left 4 Dead became an instant hit.

System Shock (1999)

If you are looking for a bit of everything – action, survival horror, and role-playing – then System Shock has got you covered. However, the core of this game is an exploration and being a good first-person shooter. Still, System Shock will always be remembered for its story and mix of gameplays, making it a major influence of the BioShock series.

Killer7 (2005)

One of the controversial FPS games ever released was Killer7, no thanks to the sex and violence involved in the game. Still, Suda51’s first-ever game released outside the Land of the Rising Sun will always be remembered for its unconventional playstyle, cartoon graphics, and strange plot.

Time Crisis (1996)

A list of FPS games will never be complete without Time Crisis. First released in the arcade in 1996, this game is about making you a member of an international intelligence agency tasked to take down a corrupt government. What makes this game exciting in the arcade is the foot pedal you can step on and take cover.

Because of its popularity in the arcade, developers decided to release a PlayStation version in 1997.

Counter-Strike (1999)

Another classic FPS game, Counter-Strike is so popular, it is hard to get it out of your system. A mod to Half-Life, Counter-Strike is one of the most addicting multiplayer games ever created that attracted millions of users worldwide for more than a decade.

So, which among these FPS games have you played?

The Most Downloaded Armor Games

Any online battle which requires you, as a player, to defend yourself with the use of armored weapons and attack enemies is called armor games. This can include sorts of war themes, select shooting or mind and physical strategy games.

There are a lot of these available online for you and any other players to choose from and take advantage of. For instance, a lot of sites have a lot to offer. You have the option to filter your games according to the operating system you are using, to the type of game you prefer, or to the games that are mostly downloaded.

There should be enough reasons for online games to be highly downloaded. Some of these are maximum entertainment while the game is in progress, or the excitement it gives the player while he is engaged in an almost real-life battle. Below are a few reasons why armor games are most downloaded:

In terms of playing games on your computer, everything that you want for an armor game is ready and just waiting for you to download. Most of the time, download is free.

Armor games are carefully designed with a stable interface and accurate framework. It has complete elements of entertainment which one can take control of according to his likes. It has comprehensive labels and tags for easy playing and smooth armor defense and combat among other online players.

Sound effects, mobile images, and all essential components of excellent armor games are expected to have been put together before the game is launched.
Tools and artilleries are always available for purchase and levels to keep on getting high as fun and excitement equally rise.
The concept of the game is to ensure you get the winning spot against all others involved in the game. It is your job to beat and defeat all the enemies that come along your way towards victory. Your goal is to explore all things in the game which are absolutely free.

These games have control options that you can get yourself familiar with. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Plus, you get directed to improve in moves and navigation as you progress each game level until you reach the stage where you have beaten everyone.

Panzer General II versus Counter-Strike

Panzer General 300×225 Panzer General II versus Counter StrikePanzer General II is considered as one of the best and satisfying turn-based strategy computer games developed by no other than Strategic Simulations, Inc. This game was first released back on September 30, 1997. This is said to be the 6th SSI game in the series of General games and the first among the series of Living Battlefield.

Panzer General II

This game took place during the era of World War II, in which it covers the events such as the Spanish Civil War that happened in the year 1938 to the hypothetical battles in the year 1946. This game was also voted 44th place and as the best computer game of all time. Meanwhile, Counter-Strike is a popular and well played FPS or First Person Shooting video game developed by Valve Corporation.

This game was first developed and then released as Half-Life which was modified by Minh Gooseman. Counter-Strike was first publicized by Valve on one of the most used platforms, the Microsoft Windows platform in 2000. The game later flourished and spread fast around the globe. Although there were a lot of remakes done, Counter-Strike was still released on the Xbox console, as well as OS X and Linux.

Americas Army Panzer General II versus Counter StrikeNow, Panzer General II is an evolving game. Since the start of the game campaign, the player is allowed to select the amount of its gained points in the event of capturing supply points. The manual of the game however stated that the purpose achieves a more or less challenging and exciting game, but the major game effects are way different mainly because the computer player adjusts and changes strategy to make up for the strengths and weaknesses of a human player.


You may think both games work just the same, however, they don’t. Both games come with different mechanics. Counter-Strike players join the terrorist team or the counter-terrorist team or even becomes just plain spectators.

Panzer General II 253×300 Panzer General II versus Counter StrikePanzer General II on the other hand is divided into different scenarios; each scenario represents a specific battle. All battles are then played on a hex map that is divided up into different parts or in hexagons that represent between one and two kilometers.

If you look closely, Panzer General II is far more exciting however because the youth or generation of today has different tastes in terms of war games, the Counter-Strike seems to be the most downloaded game as compared to Panzer General II. Overall, both games are great, it just depends on the player’s taste of which between the 2 war games is worth downloading.

Open General vs America’s Army

It is really hard to compare one army game against the other. Each army game has its own uniqueness, strengths, and positive attributes over the other. However, it is inevitable not to compare especially if both are quite popular and comes in the same game genre. Talking about army games, there are dozens out there that stand out but only chosen few are really giving excitement and thrill.

The 2 army games that are considered the hottest right now are America’s Army and the Open General. Although both are battle games and requires tactical skills, each has their own qualities that led them to be considered as the hottest and one of the most downloaded online.

Open General

Open General Against Americas Army Open General is said to be a fantastic game that most users gave 5 stars review because it never ceases to impress players. It is getting better and better the more you play this game. If you are already satisfied with Panzer General II, then you will surely be going head over heels with Open General as it is an improved version that comes with great features and improved bug fixes and problems that were once present in its original version.

Open General is often updated putting all the players on the same page when playing it. Open General as it has evolved, been developed carefully, and comes with good graphics and effects. Just like Open General, America’s Army also brings the same satisfaction level to all its users.

Open General Against Americas ArmyAmerica’s Army is said to be flawless. All its aspects were thought of carefully and planned. The information given is real and very useful, the training given is close to reality and the game itself is very entertaining and exciting. Some chose America’s Army over Open General because its weaponry is state of the art, graphics are mind-blowing and the storyline is catchy. So if you were given the chance to choose between these 2 army games, which would you download? Open General is unique in its own way; the storyline is also different as compared to America’s Army.

So Open General if you want to experience World War 2. If you want to feel what it’s like to be an American soldier, then download America’s Army. Both games are great but when the time comes to choose which is which, America’s Army prevails mainly because of its modern feel.

Open General Against Americas ArmyIn addition, America’s Army has evolved since its first release. There’s America’s Army 3 and America’s Army: Proving Grounds. If you weigh everything, you will realize that each of these improved versions is packed with an even better storyline and effects as compared to its first released game.

Therefore, entertainment and feature-wise, America’s Army is way better than Open General. However, bear in mind that despite Open General ranks 2nd to America’s Army, it is undeniable that Open General is a fantastic game to play too.

Assaultcube Reloaded Best FPS

First Person Shooter battle is really fun and highly entertaining. It is a type of computer game that is full of energy and dynamism, and AssaultCube Reloaded is the best model that this category ever showcases. It gives you plenty of alternatives on how you could efficiently and happily venture into the game. It is very realistic in form and in graphics.

You have to experience the liveliest shooting environment in this FPS, so you should expect extreme action in this game. AssaultCube Reloaded has also rapid gameplay. You need to ready your sharpshooting reflexes and killer instincts because enemies are just waiting for the thinnest opportunity to attack and put your turn to an end.

Assaultcube Reloaded

AssaultCube Reloaded1 is prepared with the best ammunition and gears to support your ultimate battle. It’s up to you how you could efficiently manipulate it to defend your territory and yourself. To begin your quest, you need to take advantage of your privilege to own a copy of this video game for free.

No complex action is required to have this game on your computer. Simply click the big button and download AssaultCube Reloaded best FPS. AssaultCube Reloaded is an extremely interactive video game. It enables you to experience the virtual environment realistically. It delivers complete digital effects and sounds that make you feel you are indeed the real character inside your screen background.

It has approximately more than 10 gameplay to choose from. All of these gameplay has different touches, but have one thing in common and that is extreme action. Moreover, AssaultCube Reloaded is a squad-oriented FPS, still, you can enjoy it against your computer if you want variation in the game.

With Assaultcube Reloaded, you can set it as a single-player game and try your prowess offline. Similarly, regardless of the game mode, you are assured that you have the best elements that you can enjoy in the game. The controls are configurable, even customize it in a style that you can comprehend easily and fitted to your choice of work. Be energized for free.

AssaultCube Reloaded keeps on upgrading the features and parts of the video game to cope with the increasing needs of gamers for the more energizing encounter. Different weapons and battle gears are also developed into a high caliber form to confirm the full blast digital effects, which spice up the game more.

Furthermore, you need to be swift and distinct with your moves and in handling your powers in the game. Errors and miss shots are not acceptable in this game because you might melt out of a bullet at times that you badly need it. Nevertheless, there is one move, which you should never miss and that is to shoot a free AssaultCube Reloaded best FPS on your computer.

Tips in Playing First Person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter (FPS) games had built a virtual community supplied with numerous high-quality games for a few years now. Some of this game type is what you commonly see in Battlefield 3, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the Black Ops series. The same goes with Halo which has attracted countless gamers online.

Many online game fanatics need to learn every online FPS game strategy and tactics. Not only has the newbie needed to learn the game techniques. Even the expert learns further tricks in order to win the multi-player opponents. If you think you are no good in such games, then it’s time for you to know a few tips so you lead the pack of FPS gamers.

The latest games were created to hook online gamers to enjoy endless provisions of ranks, medals of honors, weapons, awards, freebies, and additional levels to unlock. Navigation of the game should be known well in order for you not to get shot at by your opponents.

Just like in an actual battle, a little carelessness can likely cause you death, and eventually, loss. Therefore, winning the game is possible but for you to get the high ranks, you’re supposed to be able to perform the following tips:

  • Pick an FPS play of your choice.
  • It should be something you are comfortable with.
  • Set proper gaming specs and equipment.
  • Make sure you have the necessary tools before you join the game.
  • Start to play without any disturbance.
  • The moment you sit down and play, make sure nobody will get you to stop mid-game.
  • Listen while you play as if, it is really you inside the field.
  • Be attentive to your surrounding just like the actual player or fighter does.
  • Prepare weapons and reload every now and then.
  • If you get the chance, earn weapons and reload regularly, so you do not get caught off guard.
  • Master recoil.
  • This will aid you to become better as the game progresses until the game reaches the finale.
  • Participate in a clan.
  • It is best to have an accomplice when the battle comes to worse.
  • Know your route.
  • You should be aware of where you’re going and where you’re heading, so plan your map ahead.

Winning First Person Shooter Games

Anybody can be pretty good at First-Person Shooter games. Just a few winning secrets will be enough to get ahead of those who are also very eager to beat everyone involved in the online game. Every move you make while you are playing an FPS game should have a goal. Your ultimate purpose should be to win the game and increase your rank, eventually.