You must have heard of the name, technically. When you have been into DVDs and you are aware of how a video transcoder works, this is not supposed to be new to you. There had been too many changes eversince HandBrake video transcoder went out for the consumers to take advantage of a decade ago. DVDs have been touted to be too accessible, along with the somewhat watermarked Blu-Ray disc and video streaming programs which are mostly high quality.

Just recently, this has been made available among users who happened to have access to multimedia and loving every inch of it as they see it from their iOS and Android electronics. Mac users have been highly dependent on HandBrake. While some go after ripping of DVDs, HandBrake tends to be a better choice when it comes to updating videos from whatever file formats it was back then.

This works best in terms of converting .AVI files. This is also compatible with QuickTime. Moreover, this can manage to downsize.MKVS. The same can be done with MP4s for iPhones. HandBrake has been so far, the greatest file format translator of various devices used by this generation.

Other features of HandBrake include a user-friendly interface, remarkable performance, and flexibility. Since the first release of HandBrake, it has greatly improved for the benefit of the users. There may be video translator alternatives but HandBrake is also tough competition.  As this is available in different languages, this is also very flexible.


Video qualities coded with HandBrake have been observed to have reliable results. You can never distinguish the difference of the creation of an expert to a beginner when you happen to see the output made with this application.

If you are using HandBrake for the first time, you can easily adapt to the tool and this is easily possible even in seconds. You even have the option to choose a profile in order to personalize your device. You can as well pick up a generic profile in order for you to come up with a better quality of conversions. A few tweaks of the program and you will be on your way.

Open Source Video Transcoder

Open source and absolutely free, this is even more equipped with a number of great features. HandBrake has evolved as one sophisticated video transcoder wherein transcoding has been way faster, considerably stable, and rich in wonderful features when compared to the previous makes.

Moreover, the alternative and competing for video transcoders have also taken place. What is important is that HandBrake appears to work well with both beginners and experts in working over the video transcoding tasks demand. HandBrake can manage to allow users to maximize encodings for the internet, do edits with the existing video, and come up with a polished final video.

Working around the application can likely get you an excellent encoding experience. Since HandBrake is made with safe access maintenance, it becomes crystal clear what good you can do in order to change your video file for the better. For instance, you have a short running uncut video, HandBrake can fix it.

In terms of evaluating the results of tweaking the basics of your raw video, HandBrake can show you some great previews so you can decide whether you finally like the outcome of your project or otherwise. After a few minutes, when you’re done, you can tell that indeed, you have found one great application equipped with everything you need in making a video look perfect.

HandBrake Features 

Handbrake enables users to process the most utilized multimedia files and any type of DVD or BluRay disc sources. Security is supplied for those that do not have any kind of copy protection, so unnecessary copying can be apprehended. Here are the top 5 other reasons why HandBrake has been the most downloaded program so far:

  1. Built In Presets

Basic tabs and tools preset are available for viewing on the page is available for user so they can tweak on it anytime.

  1. Supported Input

Regardless of the device in question, HandBrake works well with it as common operating systems have been compatible with it.

  1. Subtitles

Creating subtitles can be a big deal with the use of some other programs but in this case, this is just a basic feature.

  1. Live Preview

It would be perfect to initially see how everything has going on without having to complete the job first. Having a live preview with this type of work would be an extreme benefit.

  1. Chapter Markers

Editing a long video can be tiresome, especially if you cannot mark each chapter. With this at HandBrake, you can rest any time you prefer.

Some of these features may be seen on some other programs but there is likely no similar application that has all these and even more. That is why it is somewhat imperative for video editors to download HandBrake at some point so they can take advantage of this excellent tool.

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