The Hottest Trivia Games Best Played During Free Time

The Hottest Trivia Games Best Played During Free Time

One of the most common past time is playing mobile applications. These applications are readily available right at one’s fingertips. The wide range of mobile games offers users to choose the best app to fit their personality. Several categories are being offered for one to enjoy. Some of which include action and adventure games for a more thrilling gaming experience, board games for a more challenging moment with opponents, strategy games for a mind blogging gaming experience, words games for a learning experience, and trivia games for gaining knowledge while playing.

Trivia games may come in many forms. These games may be played individually or in groups. It is created not only to bring entertainment but also to gain knowledge and enhance learning about the different aspects of life. Some of the hottest trivia games best played during one’s free time include the following.

4 Pics 1 Word

The 4 Pics 1 Word game application is a classic and worldwide hit trivia game. The game flashes four different photos pertaining to a single word. The goal of the game is to guess the word using the given letters.

Each answered word will guarantee a reward of a certain number of coins. One can ask for help or assistance by using these hard-earned coins. The game allows one to learn new words and spell it out correctly. Moreover, this game application encourages the players to think well and use their stock knowledge involving vocabulary in order to solve the given puzzle.

Trivia Crack

The Trivia Crack application is a sure hit mobile quiz game. The game is made more enjoyable with the addition of cute cartoon designs. The player will spin the wheel and try to answer several questions pertaining to several categories such as sports, science, history, art, and entertainment. The goal of the game is to be the first to acquire six different characters by correctly answering the trivia questions. This game application is a tactical game for everyone to enjoy.


The MoviePop application is the hottest movie quiz game. Short clips are being shown to players. The players compete by naming the title of the movie being shown. Another possible game option is to guess the actor portraying the role.

When the player answers correctly, points will be earned as rewards which can then be used in purchasing new levels of the game. This game application is best played with a family or group of friends.


The Jeopardy game application is an adaptation of the TV classic. It is made more fun with the involvement of the customizable avatars that act as players. Same with the ones played on the television, the player should answer several trivia questions. This may come in several categories and topics. The goal of fame is to be the first to answer or solve the given questions. This game app is still one of the most solid trivia game in town.


The Quizoid application is a very challenging trivia game. The game’s lay-outing may be simple but this game is equipped with the best trivia. The goal of the game is to answer the questions and get the highest points or scores.

The player can use three lifelines as support. Once the answer given is wrong, the game will reset back from the start. This game application features numerous questions coming from different categories to bring out the best in the player.

With the numerous game applications available in the market today, one must carefully choose the ones offering the best features. These games should not always be complicated to play; instead, it can be a simple game that promotes learning and values. It should be carefully selected to maximize its benefits and advantages. Remember that the best games come in great bundles: fun and learning.