Top 5 Paid Apps for iPad

Top 5 Paid Apps for iPad

There are loads of apps that people can find on the internet. There are some that are even of no use to some device but are made available for specific units only. For instance, there are applications that only suit a device such as an iPad.

Just in case you just had yourself the latest produce of Apple, then you must be on the lookout for some apps, paid or otherwise which you can download and install on your mobile. The world has come to the point where people tend to become dependent on gadgets.

iOS apps are indeed set apart from all other apps designed for some other operating systems. There may be around similar or more apps available for iPad but you might be interested in apps that are top paid. You can always stay on top of your apps and finances in case you do not want to end up bankrupt with useless programs the system would suggest you download.

It is mainly just a matter of having the right choice. Here is a shortlist of the top 5 paid Apps for iPad you might want to know about:


A powerful app that can secure identities, holds passwords and notes, unique networking information, and license details, this app is one of a kind. This can basically be accessed on all Apple platforms. This however requires integration with Safari for it to work.

Just the same, copying of usernames and passwords can simply just be copied towards Apple’s Safari. From the name of the app itself, you can have one counter for all your passwords and access files.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Just as it shows itself off on the desktop, this is just the mobile version of Adobe Photoshop. Considering today’s generation of social media engaged people, you can have your typical image enhancement done in your iPad to up to 12 megapixels.

You can do layering and adjustments, you can do filtering and you can do a lot of things with the use of a wide range of tools with it. At the touch of your fingertips, you get to improve the looks of your photos and images.

Air Video HD

Since storage becomes a problem among mobile devices, iPad happens to zip a wonderful video streaming alternative. This supports offline viewing just the same, so you can still watch full files even if you do not have internet.

The app can even have soft subscripts cater to those that would love to have to understand what exactly is going on with the movie. This works perfectly well with iPad Air and iPad Mini, along with some other latest generations of Apple devices.


More of a mass application, this one is a task-oriented program where users can work around all sorts of components to create mock applications. No necessary coding is necessary while you can still create all sorts of shapes, make your own icons, design and arrange specific positions, link the screens altogether.

All these can be shared in the natural format of the app or PDF. This is what you will need when you want to do some fix-ups of what you want to do firsthand.

BBC iPlayer

A must-have for every iPad user, this player is designed with a slick interface. This gets you to easily browse and watch the recent broadcasts and watched shows. This is made up of two quality settings where you can toggle with the subtitles.

You can as well stream via Apple TV or download the shows you preferred to watch while you are out and about. Just as you surely have the best Mac video player, your iPad can readily do the same in just a matter of one app.

In reference to the number of downloads and iStore purchases, the above apps have so far been recorded to have the most number. All apps are tested well before it is sent out for purchase. Also, in case you are still after some more other apps, you can surely live by the following suggestions.

Honestly, there can be as many as 50 apps that will work perfectly fine with your iPad. This device has been made with an impressive setup optimized to suit the need of a technical world.

Some other apps which include security and trend are also made available for users to explore. These are mostly paid subscriptions but there are also those that come free. Basically, since Apple is so concerned with proprietary content, the users find it the safest operating system.

Whether you are watching over your weight or you are monitoring your diet plan and progress, your iPad can be your best ally, provided you have saved and installed apps that suits your need requirement.