Top 5 Best Browsers for 2015

    Top 5 Best Browsers for 2015

    You must have witnessed those years when the only web browser that has reached your computer was Microsoft Internet Explorer. When you get lucky, you also must have met Netscape Navigator. A little too soon, a wave of browsers, all featuring commands in the world if the internet came about. Now, every user who happens to contribute the internet traffic has individual ideas and concepts of which among these browsers is the best and the most efficient. The time where everything seems to happen seamlessly fast and without effort, the integrity of the chosen browser is at stake.

    Initially, the browser’s features and benefits are being considered by users. Comparison happens in terms of the way the browser returns the need of every internet person. The innovative perspective in using free browsers became the initial point, and the rest follows.

    Changes can happen as time progress, but there is always something that is worth a try. Here is a good list to reference as to what are the top 5 best browsers for the year 2015, so far:

    Google Chrome

    Always in competition with Microsoft Internet Explorer, this web browser has lately managed to make it on the top 10. This is similarly useful among internet users as this returns faster search items, and this includes images and videos. Tied with cross-platform experience, your browsing tasks are actually easy with this one. This browser is almost similar to that of Mozilla Firefox so others would often just decide on the background.

    This browser runs on limited operating systems, so even if this is preferred, this might not be available, anyway. The loading speed of this browser is also prominent.

    Mozilla Firefox

    Having more than 22 million downloads to date, there is no wonder this browser made it to the top of the billboard for the best browsers in the world. This is a versatile one where you get comprehensive add-ons and useful plug-ins.

    Most public internet is installed with this browser and even industries involved in technologies happened to have this for their homepage. This is the tool that enables the user to have tabs where browsing becomes quick and easy.

    The tool is built well so it is quite a stable tool for every user, especially that this is managed well by producers. The features this browser has are not, at any point, easy to beat.

    Internet Explorer

    There is always the one who would set the trend. The history of web browsing has started with this, along with Netscape Navigator. While the other turned out ancient and obsolete, Microsoft Internet Explorer is on the other hand leading the web browser downloads list. This is available in various versions to suit the need of every user, depending on the relevant topic required. The latest version is always updated by Microsoft so it matches the requirement of the users.

    The fact that Microsoft operating systems change every now and then, it also requires users to update the browser once in a while.


    A natural favorite, this web browser usually returns the most relevant responses to a web search. Technology lovers and geeks would prefer this website and this is due to the technical functionality the web browser was made up of.

    When you have the utility of saving favorites as if you own the browser, you will surely love this browser, among others. This and a lot of other good features come with this web tool.

    So in case you have noticed that big O flashing red in a PC, it means that the user has Opera for a web browser and this means some great browsing experience.


    Basically a Chrome-based browser, Torch is by far starting to be known among those who are after built-in tools made to prevent unwanted add-ons and eventually turn web browsing simple and straightforward. The browsing speed this tool features happened to make this a perfect alternative to any other browsers. This may not be appearing in the majority of PCs lately, but the name has so far started its growth.

    As web browsing starts to become variable, the different browsers will be decided as to how it can suit every user’s need, and it is likely Torch will be one of those choices.

    The basis of deciding as to why the above browsers are the best is the number of downloads. Basically, the web browsing experience of a user gets good feedback and it is likely this will be introduced to other users. From there, the same good experience will be shared with others who also spread the same until which a good number of browsers downloads take place. There may be a lot more other browsing candidates you have seen but the above has been making its way towards the top.